7 Qualities of an Anointed Leader

Learn "why we lead" is as important as "how we lead" and how to do both well.

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Do you want to lead well?

What if that means you must first learn to follow well?

Sometimes as a leader, we're so busy doing that we forget that who we are and why we do what we're doing is just as important as what we're doing.

Though many of us have a desire to lead and to make a difference somehow in the lives of others, we must first be led ourselves.

As we reach out to encourage others to follow Jesus, biblical leadership holds a certain mantel and responsibility. And those cannot be fulfilled without the blessing, protection, and empowerment that comes from God.

In this workshop author Cherie Booth Zack {Wife Coach and founder of Imperfect Wives Ministry} invites us to explore our character and heart as she circles us back to the anointing obedience brings when we choose to obey God.

Join Cherie for these next 7 weeks to consider seven qualities of an anointed leader and how these qualities affect our leadership of both ministry and relationships.

Workshop Sessions Include:
  • She Is Battle Ready
  • She Puts Others Above Herself
  • She Is Patient With God and Herself
  • She Is Patient With Others
  • She Is Focused
  • She Is Authentic
  • She Knows Her Calling
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I'd love to join you, Cherie!

Anointed leader

Yes, I want to lead well.

Please send me the self-paced workshop so I can learn more about the anointing that comes from following God.