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As a Biblical Marriage Coach, these sessions will help you learn how to move forward within the trials and struggles you face in your marriage and your life. Connect with Cherie and start your new journey today.  

Cherie Zack Wife Coach:  http://cheriezack.com/wife-coach/


marriage-boot-campAre you struggling in your marriage and don’t know where to turn? Spend some time with Biblical Marriage Coach,  Cherie Zack and you’ll learn how to move forward and thrive within the trials and struggles you face in your marriage and your life. Start your new journey today and learn to remove the mountains that are standing in the way of a successful marriage.

Cherie Zack Wife Coach:  http://cheriezack.com/wife-coach/

Cherie Zack is a Speaker, Author and Wife Coach. She is the founder of The Imperfect Wives Ministry and Marriage Boot Camp and is the radio host for Imperfect Wives Radio. Cherie is currently the Women’s Ministry Director for the women’s department at her church. She has a counseling degree from Liberty University and has been coaching wives on how to save their marriages for 10 years.

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  1. N.S.E.

    Cherie is amazing to work with! She’s supportive and encouraging while speaking Truth in love. Cherie always points you back to the Word and will challenge you to grow in God. I can’t recommend her enough. Your life will change because you will change!

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