I’m a homeschooling Nana and lately I’ve been teaching my third-grader how God’s Word is intended for everyone. How, right there in unshakeable and unbreakable language, we can uncover not only the ways of God but we also come to understand His plan for our lives. And why that’s even important anyway.

But as I teach these lessons, I’m learning too.

Because no matter how long we’ve known God, we can know him far more deeply than we already do.

For these reasons, I love a great study Bible. It feels to me a fresh invitation to dig deeper into God’s Word. My latest companion is The CSB Study Bible for Women  and I am loving it.


I feel right at home with this Bible. Not only does this particular hard-cover match my personality, it is one of the most comprehensive Bibles I’ve owned. There’s a lot of tools and study helps tucked in here!

Each of the sixty-six books open with an introduction that sets the context for reading and studying that particular book. Then there are Word Studies and practical applications and celebrations and encouragements right alongside some thought-provoking answers to many of the hard questions that some tend to shy away from. There’s even a Concordance featuring every named and unnamed woman in the Bible.

It’s a Bible made for women by women and there’s just a special sensitivity and mentoring wrapped into the woman to woman exposition.

I wish I could gift a copy to every single one of you. Seriously. But the next best thing I am able to do is invite you to enter to win one of SEVEN free Bibles being given away. Go ahead and head over here to win.



FREE Study Bible




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